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Tractor mounted salt spreader-40 inch

Item Code: VC702ST1000PTO
Suggested Price: Cdn $3438.00 or US $2750.40

[Tractor mounted salt spreader-40 inch Picture # 1]

The ST-series PTO models are specially intended for spreading salt onto snowy and icy roads. To prevent corrosion caused by salt, the details of the equipment are hot-dip galvanized and fasteners are made of acid-resistant steel. The service life of this spreader is two to three times longer compared to a spreader with a regular paint coat. A distribution shaft rotating at the right speed guarantees the optimal quantity of salt. The perfect speed of PTO driven salt spreader is achieved by means of a carefully selected speed reducer and the transmission mechanism. A special rubber strip protects the distribution shaft against water splashing from the wheels of the tractor. A universal-joint transmission shaft is included in the standard equipment. Spreader can also be emptied from beneath between the distribution shaft and rubber by releasing spring plate levers on the sides. That way it is possible to remove icy and stuck pieces from the equipment. A safety net prevents foreign bodies from entering the working area of the shafts. A mixing shaft crushes bigger pieces of bulk material that have stuck together.Picture may show available options. For product literature click here Cover and extension shown in picture are options

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