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SAMI 106 inch wheel supported loader sweeper broom

Item Code: VC702HW2700
Suggested Price: Cdn $11000.00 or US $8800.00

[SAMI 106 inch wheel supported loader sweeper broom Picture # 1]

The wheel-supported road sweeper can easily clean both roads and sidewalks. The sweeper can also remove lighter snow.The specially constructed sweeper shaft prevents the accumulation of dirt on the shaft core and makes it easy to replace worn brush rings.The height of brushes can be adjusted gradually according to their wear, allowing the user to take the most out of the brush rings. The sweeper working angle can be hydraulically adjusted ± 28 degrees. The flexible design of the sweeper frame allows it to cross curbs, thresholds,holes and other obstacles while working at lower speeds.The coupling hooks of all SAMI’s coupled equipment are coated with contrast paint which makes coupling easier.The use of impact- and wear-resistant plastic in the structure of the sweeper facilitates the maintenance of the device and reduces the noise during work.For dust-free function, the sweeper is equipped with a water system. A larger water tank (1000 l) can be carried on a frame mounted onto the tractor’s rear coupler. Stock units come with ALO loader mounts,other mounts available on request. For product literature click here You will need adobe acrobat to open the file.Watch video here

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