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MB Model SHL-CT-25" diameter brush (5ft)

Item Code: VC487SHL-CT-25-5
Suggested Price: Cdn $0.01 or US $0.01


MB Model SHL-CT-25" diameter brush (5ft)Front Mounted Hydraulic Drive Windrow Type Single motor -25 inch diameter brush Mounts to mower arms. Consult factory for applications. Driven from mower hydraulic system. Standard arrangement requires 12 to 16 gpm at 2000 psi. Optional brush drive motor available for compatibility with hydraulic Systems as low as 8 to 11 gpm. Optional independent hydraulic system may be available in certain applications where mower hydraulics are not of sufficient capacity. . Brush is driven by single hydraulic motor coupled directly to the core by a splined shaft. Hoses are provided from motor to bulkhead at rear of broom. Customer to provide hoses and couplers to connect mower hydraulics to bulkhead. Price does not include hydraulic valve(s). Brush on/off with tractor loader valve. 25 inch diameter sectional brush, with choice of polypropylene, wire or combination radial segments. Manual angle change 30 deg. right and left is standard. Optional hydraulic angle change is available. Broom lift is provided by mower arms. Estimated shipping weight: 850 lbs (5 ft), 900 lbs (6 ft), 1000 lbs (7 ft).

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