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Skid steer concrete mixing bucket 250sl-9cu.ft.

Item Code: VC479BM250SL
Suggested Price: Cdn $8277.00 or US $6621.60

[Skid steer concrete mixing bucket 250sl-9cu.ft. Picture # 1]

This self loading cement mixer comes in 9 different sizes to fit any loader or excavator. Standard mount is universal skid steer but others are available. Has hydraulic bottom/side delivery door.Capacities from 6 cu.ft up to 39 cu.ft. Available options include 8 or 14 pin electrical connector and weighing system.Made in Italy. The SL mixing bucket is equipped with: safety rounded grill with bag breaker, auger with mixing paddles made of HB 400 steel, fully protected hydraulic motor, electric valve with hydraulic hoses, electrical connection kit, hoses with flat face couplers, hydraulic opening of the bottom slide with 6" hose. Productivity BM250 SL 1 cubic meter= 20 minutes BM600 SL 5 cubic meters = 45 minutes.For product literature click here You will need adobe acrobat to open the file.For product video click here.PLEASE NOTE LOADED WEIGHTS IN LITERATURE AND MATCH WITH THE ROC OF YOUR SKID STEER

For more information about this product, please use our online contact form, call Eastern Farm Machinery at (519) 763-2400, or contact one of our dealers.

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