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Hydromann P170 Spreader for Kubota RTV

Item Code: VC275P170
Suggested Price: Cdn $0.01 or US $0.01

[Hydromann P170 Spreader for Kubota RTV Picture # 1]

Designed for utility vehicles with auxilary hydraulics the Hydromann salt and sand spreader for the Kubota RTV does an excellent job for spreading salt,sand, ice melter or a mix. An uncomplicated disc spreader for diverse carriers in which the material is transferred to the disc via a screw conveyor. Because this machine is able to provide large dosing quantities, we recommend it to customers who use sand, grit or salt-sand aggregates. The machine provides a spread width from 1-6meters, and the spread symmetry can be selected (right or left-hand-side or both) The machine is equipped with: 1. Screw conveyor 2. Manual adjustment of spread symmetry 3. Manual adjustment of spread width 4. Manual adjustment of spread dosage 5. Grate Accessories: Electrical control, superstructure, tarpaulin, support leg, agitator For product literature click here

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