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GF Ferrari S322 Compact Loader

Item Code: VC250S322
Suggested Price: Cdn $0.01 or US $0.01

[GF Ferrari S322 Compact Loader Picture # 1]

The Ferrari of loaders! Turboloader is a versatile machine that is ideal for the garden, for public maintenance work, agriculture, construction work, materials handling and any other industry where power and functionality in a compact package is a key factor. Wheel loader, telescopic handler or skid steer loader? Turboloader has it all! Turboloader has the manoeuvrability of a wheel loader Turboloader offers the benefits of a telescopic handler (s series option) Turboloader has the compact dimensions of a skid steer loader Ö and itís even more versatile! This is no compromise, itís a winning combination of great features! Chassis The articulated chassis gives a very tight turning radius, :reducing the room needed for manoeuvring and enabling Turboloader to move with confidence even in cramped spaces. The articulated chassis and equal sized wheels ensure agile manoeuvring when used indoors or in building yards. Whatever gap the front half-frame goes through, the rear half- frame will follow. The rear wheels always follow the same path of the front ones, minimizing compaction of the ground. Its articulated steering means Turboloader can work even on the most delicate surfaces without damage, making it ideal for ideal for landscaping and maintenance of green. Visibility Unlike a traditional articulated loader, Turboloaderís operator position is located in the machineís front half-frame. Even when steering the machine, the operator always has a perfect view of the way ahead, the implement and the task being performed. The elevated driving position offers excellent visibility, enhanced safety and superb comfort as well as improving control of the machine and itís implements. The side-mounted dashboard panel and the layout of the lifting boom rams also assist in providing an uncluttered view of the attachment. Transmission The permanent 4-wheel drive hydrostatic transmission uses high quality, robust, reliable components. The high specification of the components ensures ample pushing force together with a high transport speed, allowing for maximum productivity. Turboloaderís standard equipment includes a useful anti- slip device which can help extricate the machine in low-grip situations. As an additional aid for difficult situations a flow divider can be activated which divides the hydraulic flow (optional) and obtain a differential locking effect. For product literature click here You will need adobe acrobat to open the file. This stock machine has a 4post ROPS, 95 kg counterweight, work lights, hyd. diff lock and a 46" bucket.

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