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Main Catalog: Agriculture: Precision Stone forks

[Precision stone fork grapple attachment Picture # 1]

Precision stone fork grapple attachment
Grapple attachment can be fit on any stone fork. Two pin attachment. Ideal for handling bales, debri...
Item Code: VC675GPL190215
Suggested Price: Cdn $0.01 or US $0.01

[Sami Stone Bucket-60

Sami Stone Bucket-60"-Skid Steer mount
Comes with skid steer mount. SAMI stone buckets are designed for collecting stones after the field ...
Item Code: VC702SB1600SS
Suggested Price: Cdn $2075.00 or US $1660.00

[Sami Stone Bucket-75

Sami Stone Bucket-75"-Skid steer
Comes with universal skid steer mount with kick out for improved dump angle SAMI stone buckets are ...
Item Code: VC702SB1900SS
Suggested Price: Cdn $2325.00 or US $1860.00

[Universal Fork Brackets (1 Pair) Picture # 1]

Universal Fork Brackets (1 Pair)
Extra set universal fork mounting brackets.Fits S135,S160,S190, S215.
Item Code: VC23322042
Suggested Price: Cdn $178.00 or US $142.40

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