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Precision Spraying Systems 844 controller, 3 valve

Item Code: VC67590717
Suggested Price: Cdn $3735.00 or US $2988.00

[Precision Spraying Systems 844 controller, 3 valve Picture # 1]

Spraying Systems 844-3 with 1" regulating Valve,1" Standard Flowmeter, Wheel Sensor and 3 Spraying Systems, 344 Ball Valves.The new Teejet 844 sprayer control is designed with simplicity in mind. Simply set your target application rate and the unique VisiFlo display on the 844 helps you select the right TeeJet tip for your application. Once spraying begins, the large display shows application water volume sprayed, system pressure, sprayer speed and the area covered.The 844 provides the high quality features you expect from Teejet, including aluminum console housing with sealed computer switch panels; fully automated and manual rate control and separate boom controls along with master shutoff. Each is available as a complete sprayer control system which includes premium quality valves, cables and sensors to ensure ease of installation and trouble free service.

For more information about this product, please use our online contact form, call Eastern Farm Machinery at (519) 763-2400, or contact one of our dealers.

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