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Lynex tool carrier TX1500

Item Code: VC644TX1500
Suggested Price: Cdn $0.01 or US $0.01

[Lynex tool carrier TX1500 Picture # 1]

Lynex TX 1500 - a remotely controlled 100 hp tool carrier on rubber tracks. Utilising a patented hydraulically adjustable suspension system and undercarriage, ground clearance can be remotely adjusted between 10cm and 55cm, allowing the TX1500 to work safely on both slopes and in wetland areas. By using the ground clearance adjustment a low centre of gravity for working on slopes is achieved and maximum ground clearance for working in soft ground or wetlands is also available in one machine. •As with the smaller LX1000 the TX1500 is operated entirely by remote control. •The TX 1500 has both a rear and front mounted three-point linkage, and is capable of running rear or front mounted implements such flail mowers, mulchers, snow blades and blowers. If it fits on a 3 point linkage - it fits on the TX1500. •An overall adjustable width of 1.6 m and an over all weight of 2.4 tonnes provides versatile access and working capability. (Minimum working width will vary with different attachments) •Driven on 300mm wide rubber tracks the TX1500 has low ground pressure and is easily moved and transported over all surfaces without causing damage. •Four forward and four reverse gears are available and smooth stepless ground speed is delivered throughout each gear in the range, a system developed in conjunction Caterpillar who provide the 100 hp diesel power unit. •The GT 1500 utilises one of the most efficient power transfer systems available with 97% of the available 100hp at the front mounted PTO. •The TX1500 is both fuel efficient and designed with low running costs in mind. •Day to day maintenance is minimal as the machine does not have any daily lubrication points and does not use any ‘V’ belts. •All body panels are quickly removable providing excellent all round access for maintenance. The remote control Lynex TX1500 comprises innovative design which delivers a very compact and versatile tool carrier, with the capability to operate three point linkage and PTO powered implements safely on slopes of up to 45 degrees, and over both rough and wetlands. For product literature click here To watch a video of the GT1500 in action Click here

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