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Micro Trak MT3405 Sprayer controller

Item Code: VC492MT3405
Suggested Price: Cdn $0.01 or US $0.01

[Micro Trak MT3405 Sprayer controller Picture # 1]

The MT-3405F II offers a NEW "dual display" that provides the target application rate in one display, the second display allows the option to select between several monitored display functions: speed, distance, tank level, flow rate per minute and area per hour plus 3 separate gallon counters and acre counters with independant resets. NEW FEATURES! New dual display readout provides uninterrupted application rate numbers Heavy-duty console wtih built-in boom controls for up to 5 separate boom sections FTW model available for use with proportional shutoff valves Flash memory for simple customization Built-in capability for future VRA Added NH3 and Turf units Records area and volume in 3 independent counters so individual jobs can be tracked Tank counter shows amount remaining in tank Enhanced reliability, precision and accuracy Inline/bypass for servos STANDARD FEATURES On-the-go rate adjustment Push-button auto/manual feature for spot treatments Minimum flow feature to ensure proper application pattern as ground speed slows to extremes Precise rate control regardless of field conditions Solenoid and ball valve compatible Flow based control Controls electric and hydraulic valves/motors NH3 compatible Optional flowmeter kits and control valve kits Compatible with the Astro series of GPS-based speed sensors and radar ground speed sensors Can be used with EPD (Electric Pump Driver)

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