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MT3000 Sprayer Control Complete

Item Code: VC49200116MT
Suggested Price: Cdn $1951.00 or US $1560.80

MT3000 Sprayer Control Complete (W/FM750 GFN Flowmeter-6-150 1pm)Max.10 Bar (1" M-T Electric Servo Valve-0-10 Bar)The control consoles can display the total volume of liquid applied, or the number of gallons applied per acre or minute. Area can be displayed as the overall number of acres worked, or in banding operations, as the actual ground area sprayed. The MT-5000 features two area counters, one for recording a single field or day's work and a second to keep a running total. Distance measurements in feet can also be made simply by turning the selector switch to the distance function. Differences between your target rate and the actual application rate are displayed as a percentage. If the error exceeds an acceptable limit set by the operator, a warning light on the MT-3000 or an auxiliary warning device connected to the MT-5000 is activated. he MT-5000 has three separate digital displays that allow you to continuously monitor ground speed and pressure, plus any other function. On the MT-3000, ground speed, like the other monitored functions, is selected with the rotary switch. Pressure is registered with a built in, standard mechanical gauge.

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