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BMC Pendulum Spreader-APP-650

Item Code: VC48APP650
Suggested Price: Cdn $2725.00 or US $2180.00

[BMC Pendulum Spreader-APP-650 Picture # 1]

MODEL Capacity (ltr)650, Load max.780 (kg),Working width 14(m), Dimensions 130X120X115(cm), Weight 184(kg),Power 60-44/hp-kw. The BMC pendular spreaders have been designed for the distribution of solid granulated fertilizers and seeds with total precision. They can also be used for salt and sand in winter.The BMC pendular spreaders have passed all the quality controls and all the engineered features and are perfectly detailed according with the norm EN-292-1 of the CE and the 89/392/CEE, 91/368/CEE and 93/44/CEE. SERIES APP: The APP Series is used for the medium farmer, who owns tractors with a power between 30 and 50 cv. The machines of this series are the most appropriate for mountainous areas and irregulars grounds. SERIES APG: The fertilizer spreaders of the APG Series are machines with a very big capacity. They are the most appropriate for big extensions and for tractors from 50 cv and up. All the machines are equipped with a fast coupling and a hydraulic controller could be connected at any time. The hoppers are made of pressed polyester, that gives the machine a high resistance and duration and assures a long life. The chassis are made of steel and are submitted to an antioxide treatment with pulverized paint. An agitator is avaible for all the models for the distribution of humid materials, like gypsums and limes. The distribution system guarantees a perfect and homogenious distribution, with the same amount on both sides; the scattering is symmetrical with a working width of 14 meters. The mechanical part is exactly the same for all the models, the only difference is the hopper capacity and the chassis characteristics, in accordance with the necessity of the user. SPREADING UNIT PARTS INTERCHANGE WITH VICON SPREADER PARTS.For product literature click here You will need adobe acrobat to open the file. For reasons why to choose a pendulum spreader over a disc spreader click here

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