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Plastic Lifter - ideal for lifting 3' or 4' plastic

Item Code: VC48998
Suggested Price: Cdn $0.01 or US $0.01

[Plastic Lifter - ideal for lifting 3' or 4' plastic Picture # 1]

Plastic Lifter - ideal for lifting 3' or 4' plastic.The Model 98 Mulch Lifter provides an easy and efficient way to lift plastic mulch. It is designed with two coulters to cut the edges just outside of the plastic and one coulter to cut the center of the plastic. The center coulter also cuts the vines and plant debris as the undercutting knives loosen the plastic. The two strips of plastic can then be easily pulled away, leaving the plant debris in the field. Features Completely adjustable for various width plastics Three adjustable spring loaded swivel coulters Two heavy duty hardened undercutting knives Gauge wheels to hold the correct undercutting knife depth Toolbar clamp design for quick and easy changes Heavy duty three point hitch

For more information about this product, please use our online contact form, call Eastern Farm Machinery at (519) 763-2400, or contact one of our dealers.

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