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Item Code: VC4898004HF5000
Suggested Price: Cdn $0.01 or US $0.01

[MECHANICAL TRANSPLANTER Model 8004HF5000 Picture # 1]

Same as 800-4H-1000 but with 5000 units. DELUXE HEAVY DUTY FOUR-ROW PLANTER featuring High Performance Model 5000 Units including the gauge Wheel Drive System, fiberglass seats, 500 gallon poly tank, heavy duty l5' 4x7 toolbar, 4x7unit clamps, andll.OOx 15" tires,5600 carousels. The frame is a heavy duty bolt together tubular frame that offers great flexibility in row and tread width adjustments. Other options available are poly covered shoes, double disc shoes, rubber packing wheels, cushion seats, 482 cell extensions, and row markers. )(the OE83 Deluxe Gauge wheels for the 4 x 7 toolbar are highly recommended.) Less cylinder and hoses. WI. 3500 lbs.

For more information about this product, please use our online contact form, call Eastern Farm Machinery at (519) 763-2400, or contact one of our dealers.

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