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Pickup broom loader LLB-32" diameter brush (7ft)

Item Code: VC487LLB-32-7
Suggested Price: Cdn $0.01 or US $0.01

[Pickup broom loader LLB-32

Pickup broom loader LLB-32" diameter brush 7ft(33 cu ft)Front Mounted Hydraulic Drive Pick-Up Type Dual motor -32 inch diameter brush Pin and/or quick attach mountings for most popular applications. Most quick attach units require the customer to provide female quick attach. Consult factory. Driven from loader hydraulic system. Requires 2-30 gpm & 2000 psi. Brush is driven by dual hydraulic motors coupled directly to the core by splined shafts. Hoses are provided from the motor to bulkhead at the rear of broom. Customer to provide hoses and couplers to connect loader hydraulics to bulkhead. Price does not include hydraulic valve(s). Brush on/off with loader valve. Two (2) 4.80x8.00 pneumatic casters are provided. 32 inch diameter sectional brush, with choice of polypropylene or combination poly and wire segments. Adjustable internal baffle allows maximum hopper capacity and compensates for brush wear. Estimated hopper capacity: 28.5 cu ft (6 ft), 33 Cu ft (7 ft), 37.5 cu ft (8 ft). Reversing direction of auxiliary hydraulic flow lifts front of broom, by two hydraulic cylinders mounted to sides of unit. Hopper may then be dumped using loader bucket dump function. Estimated shipping weight: 2000 lbs (6 ft), 2200 lbs (7 ft), 2400 lbs (8 ft).

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