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MetalPlessis LX50 Self levelling loader 60 to 90 hp

Item Code: VC465LX50
Suggested Price: Cdn $6000.00 or US $5100.00

[MetalPlessis LX50 Self levelling loader 60 to 90 hp Picture # 1]

PRICE INCLUDES LOADER, BUCKET, VALVE KIT AND MOUNT.1- Exclusive monobloc arm without cross welding and bend in "J" shape 2- Heavy duty steel 3- Main frame 3-1/2" width 4- Central rectangular tubing (more rigid) 5- Large reinforced plate inside the arm welded preventing stress fatigue 6- Stiffner plate fixed on the outside arm 7- Large dimension bushing 8- Steel and teflon bushing allowing lubrication (parts interchangeable) 9- Design with pin all 1-1/4" dia. 10- Self locking pins without bolts (snapring type) 11- Supporting legs folding up inside the arms(while mounted on the tractor) 12- Easy attachment on the tractor chassis (only 1 hour setup) 13- Better visibility for the operator (wider loader' boom and stand) 14- Better tractor accessibility 15- Exclusive hydraulic tubing inside loader arms (preventing damages under bad weather) 16- Imperial standard dimension 17- Hydraulic control on right hand side in vertical position 18- Quick attach bucket on left side, with automatic locking feature 19- Quick attach loader without removable parts (no tooling required) 20- Square bucket bottom with inside radius providing greater rigidity and easier loading action 21- Wearing plate on each side of bucket 22- Reinforcing 2" x 4" x 1/4" steel tubing on top edge of the bucket 23- 3/8" x 8" plate for bucket reinforcement 24- Interior middle hook in the bucket 25- Exclusive closing and opening greater bucket angle at 50� and 56� 26- Bucket hydraulic cylinders at same speed on both side, either with level or without level 27- Exclusive easy hydraulic cylinders maintenance (less replacement parts inventory requirements) 28 - Universal quick attach bucket 29- Company standard paint available 30- Lifting and dropping speed quicker (shorter hydraulic cylinder stroke) 31- All hydraulic hoses are type 100 R2 AT 32- Design and manufactured in Canada

For more information about this product, please use our online contact form, call Eastern Farm Machinery at (519) 763-2400, or contact one of our dealers.

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