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Logging crane and trailer for ATV

Item Code: VC435FL32
Suggested Price: Cdn $0.01 or US $0.01

[Logging crane and trailer for ATV Picture # 1]

Hydraulic distributor 5/7 XY Max. reach of hydraulic crane 106" Max. lift at 106" 616 lbs. Max. lift at 66" 913 lbs. Max. lifting force 1210 lbs. Max. oil pressure 2500PSI Turning radius of crane 330 Rotators turning radius unlimited Rotator GR10 1 T Grapple 124 sq.in. Grapple max. opened 30" Weight 330 lbs. Hydraulic stabilizers. The Vahva Jussi logging trailer is a universal year around usable forest log trailer that is affordable and easily manageable for forest owners and forest managing companies. The weight of our trailer and reliability has been the most important part for us from the very beginning. A forest trailer that could be used all year around has been our biggest aim. "Thinking green" is also a very important issue nowadays and to preserve natural forests we have constructed this small trailer that can be attached behind any tractor. If the tractor does not have sufficient oil flow can add either the PTO pump or our hydraulic unit that has 5,5hp Honda engine that gives the needed oil pressure to operate the crane, drill or bucket.Optional trailer drive also available. For product literature click here For product video click here. This video shows the 4m telescopic crane.

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