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Branson 6530-65hp 4x4 Tractor with cab

Item Code: VC4206530
Suggested Price: Cdn $37500.00 or US $30000.00

[Branson 6530-65hp 4x4 Tractor with cab Picture # 1]

PRICED WITH BRANSON LOADER.The 16 forward / 16 reverse transmisson Gives you four gears in each of three ranges A synchronized reverser is stand to make repetitive forward-to-reverse loader work faster. Cab provides excellent visibility with convenient air-conditioning. The standard shuttle shift makes it possible to go forward and reverse at about the same speed-great adventage for front loader work. Large capacity synchronizer allows easy shifting, even if the tractor did not come to a full stop-just depress the clutch pedal and move the shuttle shift lever. The left location of the shuttle shift leaves the right and free to operate the loader controls.Comfortable seat has spring suspension, slides forward / backward and is adaptable for operator's weight. The high seat position above the floor significantly improves operator's comportHigh capacity, live hydraulic pump is large enough to efficiently run the front loader and a backhoe. The steering system uses a separate pump, so all the oil from the main pump is available for the three-point hitch or for the loader all the time. Both hydraulic pumps are mounted externally so they are easily accessible.The PTO shift lever on series (10/20/30) selects either 540 or 1000 PTO rpm, for total compatibility with any current or future implement. The all-mechanical transmission is very efficient, so the power loss between the engine and PTO is kept to a minimum. After all, it is the PTO where you need the horsepower most.The three-point hitch is compaitible with any Catl or CatII implement and is standard on series 10/20. Seven-pole electrical socket supplies power to trailers and implements. Socket is installed on series 10/20 with remote hydraulic outlets. Convenient, crank-operated levelling adjustment.The PTO drive is "live" and completely separate from tractor drive. The heavy duty dual clutch in the engine flywheel on series 10/20 has separate plates for tractor drive and for PTO drive. Standard head lights and real work light deliver powerful illumination of the work site. There is also a light for reversing, turned on automatically when the shuttle shift lever is in reverse.Efficient smooth acting wet brakes are controlled by two pedals and practically maintenace free.Fully synchronized main gear shift selects one of four speeds. You can shift on the go, after depressing the clutch pedal.Tilt steering wheel is standard on both series 10 & 20

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