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33.5 cu.ft. Orbit Air Package, Broadcast pkg.

Item Code: VC246OA6224C
Suggested Price: Cdn $0.01 or US $0.01

[33.5 cu.ft.  Orbit Air Package, Broadcast pkg.   Picture # 1]

Broadcast Installation packages.Includes hopper, standard ground drive, standard deflectors and tubing.33.5 cu.ft. approx. 1500 lb. chemical capacity, 24 outlets, opposing doors, two clutches plus one clutch on ground drive, coverage up to 60 feet broadcast, standard deflector pkg., 600 feet tubing.These pneumatic applicators have a versatile orbit wheel metering system which is speed compensating when used in conjunction with a ground drive or a speed compensating monitor system. The unit may also be driven by an economical non-speed compensating electric motor when the operator can maintain a uniform field speed. One set of wheels is furnished with each unit designated by appropriate letter on the model number: C black wheel for chemical and small seeds at lower rates, F red wheel for fertilizer and small seeds at high rates, S white wheel for large seed crops such as soybeans and field peas, V yellow wheel for high volumes of fertilizer. Last two digits of model number indicate maximum number of outlets. Standard equipment includes Zero-Max infinite rate control, internal sieve screen, cover, individual metering wheels, (and stainless steel wear washers on 80 cu. ft. models and above) for each opening, clean out chute, sight windows, slide closures for each opening, blower driven by 8 gpm hydraulic motor (except where noted) using tractor hydraulic system to produce 8-20 oz. of air pressure depending on recommendation for metered material, with needle valve in line to regulate hydraulic fluid flow on open center system, 10 feet of hydraulic hose for each hydraulic outlet (user to supply hydraulic hose couplers to match outlet brand), shaft monitor to indicate wheels are turning and to warn of loss of air pressure, single clutch unless otherwise noted. Mixing chamber requiring 1" I.D. tubing unless otherwise noted. Rate charts included.

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