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GANDY 42 inch Spreader

Item Code: VC24642T26
Suggested Price: Cdn $0.01 or US $0.01

[GANDY 42 inch Spreader Picture # 1]

Trail unit 26" wheels.With an approximate 225-pound capacity, Model 42 spreaders accurately sow seed, apply fertilizer, herbicides and insecticides, and using interchangeable fixed-rate bottoms with optional spread plate shut-off, overseed and spread dry top dressing and dry lime. Even in winter Model 42 spreads sand or salt to make walkways, parking lots and driveways safer. Stainless steel snap-off bottoms, standard with each adjusting cam gauge to set the metering apertures uniformly across the 42-inch hopper bottom. The triangular openings of the adjustable bottoms are designed for precision applications of granular chemicals, fertilizer or seed. Other features include positive shut-off, a standard spreadplate, optional jigglers to insert inside the hopper to reduce bridging, optional calibration pan for catching and calibrating material, and the choice of either 16-inch pneumatic tires or 20 and 26-inch wheels with semi-pneumatic tires. When it comes time to clean, Model 42 spreaders disassemble without tools. Wing nuts release retainers holding bearing and rotors adjustable stainless steel bottoms resist corrosion and snap off for easy cleaning. A truly professional spreader, Model 42 is ideal for use with utility and lawn tractors. Also available with push handle.

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