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Danuser skid steer post pounder

Item Code: VC125POUNDER
Suggested Price: Cdn $0.01 or US $0.01

[Danuser skid steer post pounder Picture # 1]

The Hammer is a revolutionary new post driver that will allow you to “leave your crew behind” and operate the post driver with only one person, while sitting down. The Hammer requires no springs, no cylinder and no return line. “We’re very excited to bring this product to our customers. During the development of the Hammer one of our primary goals was to produce a post driver that would make driving posts easier, safer and less labor intensive,” says Glenn Danuser, Vice President of the company. “The majority of post drivers currently on the market require two people to operate, the Hammer does not. The operator can pick up, position, and drive posts all without leaving the vehicle seat. Danuser is committed to innovation and reliability, and the Hammer is a testament to that.” The main features of the Hammer: NO springs, NO cylinders, NO return lines! Operates like a drop hammer. Full stroke achieved with every cycle for maximum impact energy. Hammer does not strike the top of posts. Grapple option picks up the post from the ground without additional hydraulics or controls. Tilt option will tilt up to 20º to the left or right. Drives anything from T-posts to Railroad Ties.Watch video here

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